Quantum physics in agriculture?



1956, Albert Szent Gyorgyi

(1937 Nobel Prize winner for the discovery of Vitamen C.)

  • Szent Gyorgyi suggested that (structured) water (in biological cells) holds the essence of life.

 2000, Gerald Pollack

  • Dr Pollack and the Seattle Group corroborate that structured water has energy of electronic excitation.²

 2013, Del Guidice et al

  •  Del Guidice, Tedeschi, Vitiello & Voeikov corroborate that water in biological cells is indeed ‘structured water’.¹

 2014, Timothy Winey , founder of Torsion Field Ltd.

  •  Discovers a method to utilize the spin effect energy of the torsion field to structure water.

Improved uptake of phyto compounds

Due to its decreased surface tension and altered hydrogen bond angles, structured water is able to “better penetrate cell walls, allowing improved hydration and bioavailability”

Structured water has shown increased biological growth in studies in Pakistan, Colorado and Australia, where comparison tests between normal water and vortex and magnetic (partially) structured water has some incredible results.

up to 47% gain in crop yield

Pictured below is one of many examples. Here, water that has passed through  vortex structuring device shows 35% gain in growth yields, and water that has been structured twice shows a 40% gain                   .aussieimploderstudy-698x1024.jpg

Two Pakistan research studies at Rabi and Kharaf in Pusa Behar show gains in crop yield;

Kidney beans 39%, Palak 37%, Cow pea 43%, Cabbage 24%, Brinjal 30%, Bhindi 44%, Rice 47%, Maize 47%, french beans 37%, Cauliflower 29% Wheat 27%, Chillies 28%.

  • 30-50% reduction in water used for irrigation
  • reduced fertilizer requirements by 25-50%
  • minimizes use of pesticides + herbicides
  • improves shelf life of produce
  • allows brackish water to be used (up to 6000 ppm TDS)

Dairy Farming  

One of the top milk producing Dairies in the Midwest is Cedar Grove Dairy near Platte S.D. consisting of a 500 cow herd of Holsteins who before the test had an average peak milk production of 116.1 lbs. 

The cows were fed vortex partially structured water and the average peak performance was recorded monthly. The test began on March 29th, 2011. Average peak performance increased April, May and June and now their average peak dairy milk production is at 119 lbs. An increase of 2.49% in milk yield.

In Pakistan, numerous studies on dairy cows fed with magnetic (partially) structured water show;

  • increase in milk production by 10-15%
  • increase in fat content of milk, 0.13 - 0.15%
  • decreases the amount of bacteria in milk
  • improves disease resistance

    Turkey Farming - Poultrey

    Two Research studies were carried out in 2010

    • 1.Platte Colony used 19000 birds historical flock control data and compared to test flock of 19000 birds with vortex (partially) structured water. After comparing ALL data, such as livability, total head sold, total feed weight, days to market etc, the structured water flock gave increase in profit of 6.4%.

    $8.30 per bird fed with the structured water flock compared to $ 7.80 per bird fed with bulk water.

    • 2.Big Stone Colony located in West Central Montana USA.  Historical control flocks of 39,800 birds compared to structured water test flocks of 20,096 birds. Comparing same net price paid/lb and feed price/lb shows a $0.70/bird profit. Net per bird control flock of $ 4.70 and net per bird of the structured water flock of $ 5.40.     An increase in profit of 14.8%




Bees choose structured water.bee2_1.jpg

A farmer has recorded bees flying significantly further, past other water sources, to obtain structured water.

Collaborative partnerships

We are seeking collaborative partnerships to introduce torsion field technology into the agricultural sector.

Collaborative Research partners into optimization of methods to apply structured water into all aspects of agriculture.

Collaborative Research partners into the reduction of harmful emissions (NOx, CO and particulates) from agricultural machinery.

Ultimately we seek a company with the capability to take over the reins and drive Torsion Field technology in the agricultural sector, with potential for exclusivity.

Structured water properties:

  • Energy of electronic excitation.¹
  • Higher viscosity (up to tenfold).²
  • Higher density.²
  • Dimished infrared emissivity. .²
  • Shorter spin lattice T₁ relaxation time and retarded spin spin T₂ relaxation time as detected by nuclear magnetic resonance.²
  • Polarity; like poles like like poles – contrary to Coulomb Law of electrostatics.²
  • Structured water is a reductant whereas normal water is an oxidant.³



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