Quantum Physics and bottled water?

Can quantum physics make a quantum leap for the bottled water industry?

We at Torsion Field believe it can. Our technology can harness spin field effect energy from the torsion field to structure liquids, including water. The same spin field that causes Earth, Sun and the Universe to spin. Increasingly, research by molecular biologists is showing that structured water is essential in living cells. Voeikov and Del Guidice, Russian and Italian biologists have shown that in healthy biological cells the water is structured, and cells wherein the water is without structure, are diseased, cancerous or dead.

Fundamental role of water in bioenergetics; Feb 2007  Voeikov, Boloussov, Martynyuk.

.Real processes proceeding in water should significantly depend upon the presence of positive and negative catalysts of particular reactions, of substances affecting water structure, upon the nature of interfaces that it solvates, upon the action of external physical factors and fields. Studies of phenomena related to water may help in solving many practical problems of medicine, agriculture, environmental problems, in providing people with healthy drinking water, in optimization of technologies in which water is important.

Structured water improves the bioavailablity of phytochemicals.

Due to its decreased surface tension and altered hydrogen bond angles, structured water is able to “better penetrate cell walls, allowing improved hydration and bioavailability”

In simpler terms, making your body improve it’s use of the healthy nutrients in fruits and vegetables.

Are phytochemical compounds important for health? According to the US National Library of Medicine and The National Institutes for Health, they are very important.  …..‘Natural phyto bioactive compounds are currently more in demand than the synthetic medicines for the treatment of diabetes owing to the rich availability, efficacy and fewer side effects’

BUT, are phytochemicals easily digested? Do they actually get to our cells that require them? According to the US National Library of Medicine and The National Institutes for Health;  …..Phytochemicals are located inside vacuoles and cell walls of plant cells. Most cell wall materials are indigestible by human enzymic systems. Therefore, digestibility of the phytochemicals is of great interest or reveals how the phytochemicals can affect human health and fight or prevent diseases Phytochemicals are located inside vacuoles and cell walls of plant cells.

There are two aspects to consider, the first is getting the phyto compound out of the plant cell during digestion to make it bio-available to the mammal, and the second is, once it is available, to enable the phytocompound to pass through to the cells of the mammal. Torsion field structured water appears to assist in both.

The best example we have of phyto chemicals reaching the biological cells is Alfie the dog diagnosed with a cancerous tumour. After being fed TF structured water and circumin for three months, his tumour has disappeared. Alfie on youtube but more than that, he started behaving like a young dog again. Our hypothesis is that the active phyto-compound in circumin enabled the cells to heal, and the torsion field structured water enabled the bioavailability of the circumin to the affected cells.  

Structured water has proven itself in agriculture and people using Torsion Field structured water have all reported increased vitality and other benefits.

Perhaps torsion field structured water can be the smartest water of them all?

Structured water properties:

  • Energy of electronic excitation.¹, ²
  • Higher viscosity (up to tenfold).²
  • Higher density.²  Our own lab results dispute this, we suspect the refractive index changes without a density change.
  • Diminished infrared emissivity. .²
  • Shorter spin lattice T₁ relaxation time and retarded spin spin T₂ relaxation time as detected by nuclear magnetic resonance.²
  • Polarity; like poles like like poles – contrary to Coulomb Law of electrostatics.²
  • Structured water is a reductant whereas normal water is an oxidant.³          applications to reduce rusting?
  • Structured water excludes solutes and 99.6% of organic and inorganic particle contaminates.²    Potable water?

What period does structured water remain structured?

Torsion field structured water has been tested to remain structured for over two years. It even remains structured after microwaving.



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