Air pollution solution + Quantum Physics 

Is it possible that the solution to London's air pollution can come from quantum physics?

We at Torsion Field believe so. With our ability to harness the spin field effect of the torsion field to structure diesel and petrol, we can supply an inexpensive and easy to implement solution to the air pollution problem in London. A solution that saves the customer on fuel costs as well as cleaning the air.

Torsion Field structured diesel has been scientifically analysed in testing done at SGS Laboratory in Chesire. The results show a 54% reduction in particulate matter in the diesel, as well as an 8% water content reduction, another benefit. Further testing has shown significant reductions in other harmful emissions such  CO (carbon monoxide) and NOx (oxides of nitrogen).

A combination of these harmful emissions is estimated to cause 60,000 premature deaths each year in the UK according to Kings College, London.

What is the cost? Torsion Field structured diesel will improve the mpg by upwards of 10% , in some cases by 25% and the users will receive an overall cost saving after the small additional cost to TF structure the diesel or petrol.

How easy is it to implement? The fuel can be TF structured and supplied to a depot or to service stations. Initially we envisage construction companies and bus and taxi fleets as the first users of TF structured diesel, and the supply of TF fuel to be widened in future.

Will it affect the vehicle or the warranty? The testing at SGS Laboratory confirms that the diesel complies with the EU standard for diesel EN590. No changes to the vehicles ECU are necessary, but in the future we believe that minor mapping changes in the ECU will lead to further improvements in fuel economy and further reductions in harmful emissions. The 8% reduction in water content will also be a benefit for diesel engines. 

The Torsion Field solution requires no expensive retro fit onto vehicles that may affect warranties.

We believe that in the future governments or local authorities may legislate that ALL fuel be structured with Torsion Field technology.

As a small SME company, we would welcome any approach by fuel companies or legislative bodies to collaborate with us and do further exhaustive testing on this technology.

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